Staff & Leadership

Cindy Lopez, Head of School

Cindy LopezCindy has more than 25 years experience in K-12 education, as a classroom teacher, a curriculum developer in educational publishing, and as Director of Curriculum Development and Professional Growth at a school for students with language-based learning differences. With a deep understanding of what works and doesn’t work for children who don’t fit the mold of a traditional classroom, Cindy has poured her wisdom, experience, and commitment into the founding of Sand Hill School. Cindy holds a degree in Child Development and Family Studies and has a California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential. She has received specialized training in both reading intervention and mathematics programs and believes in lifelong learning. Outside of school, Cindy enjoys watercolor painting, walking her two Golden Retrievers and spending time with family and friends.

Heather Whitlock, Assistant Head of School

Heather WhitlockHeather has been passionate about Special Education ever since a close family member was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age. She witnessed how specially trained teachers with a background in multi-sensory instruction and a drive to connect with their students changed the lives of children who struggled in a traditional learning environment. Inspired by these educators, Heather began her career in Special Education, teaching at a school for children with language-based learning differences. She spent seven years teaching struggling readers using the Slingerland Method and eventually obtained Certification from Wilson Language. When Sand Hill School opened in 2011, Heather knew she wanted to be part of a warm and energetic school community where youngsters who have struggled gain the tools they need to thrive and learn to love school again. In her free time, Heather enjoys camping with her husband and two children, gardening, cooking, traveling and reading.

Ramsey Khasho, PsyD, Director of The Center

Ramsey KhashoRamsey Khasho, PsyD, is both Director of The Center and Director of Clinical Services for Sand Hill School. Dr. Khasho has over 20 years experience evaluating and treating children, teens and families. He explains, “Our specialists work together to bring all their knowledge and points of view to the table to discover what’s really going on with each child. Our highly-trained expert staff includes licensed psychologists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, educational specialists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists–all right here and ready to help.”

Rosalie Whitlock, PhD, Executive Director of CHC

Rosalie WhitlockDr. Whitlock spent nine years on Children’s Health Council’s Board of Directors–two of those years as Chairman–before becoming Executive Director.

In her 25-plus years’ experience, Dr. Whitlock has become a leader in learning. As Head of Charles Armstrong School for 11 years, she led the development of cutting-edge curriculum to help kids with learning differences succeed based on their strengths. Dr. Whitlock’s experience has given her an intimate understanding of parents’ concerns and the impact on the whole family when a child struggles.

Dr. Whitlock is a former member of the International Dyslexia Association’s Board of Directors, is also a founding and current board member of Parents Education Network (PEN) and was the Executive Director of the Accelerated School Project at Stanford University in their School of Education.


For a complete listing of staff visit the Sand Hill School Staff Directory on the Children’s Health Council website.