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It’s the Gratitude Season

There is always something to be thankful for Sand Hill School

With Thanksgiving upon us, we are more mindful of being grateful.

What would happen if we made gratitude part of our daily habit instead of just a Thanksgiving practice that is here and gone? Read more »

Grow Your Intelligence by Changing the ‘Way’ You Think

Having a growth mindset can lead to things once thought impossible Sand Hill School

A couple of years ago, I took my first watercolor painting class. There were lots of thoughts going through my mind at the time—like:

Why would I ever think I could be good at this?

I’m sure that everyone else is better at this than I could ever be.

What if I mess up—will everyone look at me? How embarrassing.

What if I completely fail at this?

Of course, this mindset is completely the opposite of what we want to teach our children. Carol Dweck’s work on ‘growth mindset’ helped me to reframe my thinking. Read more »

Why Are Parents Doing Their Happy Dance?

It's back to school for all your kids Sand Hill School

It’s Back to School for all your kids!

You all love your kids and you all will do anything to see them feel proud of themselves and happy, but it seems like those last three weeks of summer just drag on.

Michelle Sturiale, our PTO chair shared the cartoon below at the PTO meeting on the first day of school. Which dance were you doing as you dropped of your child on the first day back to school? Read more »

The Promise of a New School Year

Families and students are transformed at Sand Hill School

There is a phenomenon that happens in LD schools across the country at the beginning of each school year. Parents and families are transformed. We see this transformation at Sand Hill School every year.

This past Monday we had our traditional first day of school meeting for parents. I saw new-to-Sand Hill parents come in with jaws clenched, eyebrows furrowed and shoulders hunched. Read more »

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