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happy boy children's health council Executive Function: Skills for Life and Learning [video]

This 5-minute video by the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University provides an overview of Building the Brain’s “Air Traffic Control” System: How Early Experiences Shape the Development of Executive Function. Read more ›

CHCvideoresource Personalized Learning [video]

Sand Hill School personnel discuss small classes and personalized learning programs. Read more ›

CHCvideoresource Leveraging Students’ Strengths & Interests [video]

Children are more engaged when learning leverages their strengths and interests. See how this is implemented at Sand Hill School. Read more ›

CHCvideoresource Types of Students & Classroom Structure [video]

Learn more about the students and classroom structure at Sand Hill School. Read more ›

CHCvideoresource Collaboration with Specialists [video]

See how teachers and specialists at the Children’s Health Council work together to meet children’s needs at Sand Hill School. Read more ›

CHCvideoresource Your Child Faces Challenges: What’s Your Journey? [video]

Do you have a child with a learning a disability or inattention challenges? Hear from parents who have “been there, done that.”

This parent panel of strong child advocates shares stories Read more ›

CHCvideoresource Social & Emotional Skills [video]

Social and emotional skills are an important part of your child’s development. Listen to parents describe how children develop and practice social and emotional skills at Sand Hill School. Read more ›

CHCvideoresource Suicide & Depression & Extracurricular Activities [video]

A symptom and cause of depression is isolation. Learn more about the importance of community and extracurricular activities in children’s lives. Read more ›

CHCvideoresource Suicide & Depression & Learning Problems [video]

Is depression interfering with learning and school performance, or are school performance and learning issues causing depression? Watch this video to learn Read more ›

CHCvideoresource Communicating With Your Teen [video]

Your teen is changing, and it’s a good time to rethink your approach to communication.  Learn about the “think CALM” technique to better connect with and change your relationship with your teen. Read more ›

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