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Community Ed Session Does My Child Have a Reading Problem? [presentation]

What reading concerns do you have about a child who may have a reading problem?
What questions do you have about reading difficulties?
This presentation takes a closer look at reading difficulties. Read more ›

toddler pointing Healthy Speech & Language Development

toddler pointingQ:  My daughter is 2½ and isn’t talking much. She uses a few small words and points when she needs something, but she doesn’t string together words to form sentences like some of her peers do on the playground. What’s typical for her age?  Should I be worried she isn’t talking yet? How can I tell if she has a problem? Read more ›

toddler delayed talker Steps to Help Your Delayed Talker

toddler delayed talkerYou have a lot of titles as a parent: short order cook, chauffeur, personal assistant, maid. Are you also your toddler’s ever-present translator? No, she’s pointing at the yogurt hiding behind the milk gallon. Well, she’s screaming because you handed her a purple cup and she only drinks out of green cups.

It’s easy for you to navigate through these situations to avoid the tantrums and frustrations because you know your child’s preferences and you know she doesn’t have strong communication skills. You can respond to points, grunts and cries, but are you really helping her by swiftly taking the path of least resistance? How can you teach her the communication skills she needs to be independent and thrive? Read more ›