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homework ADHD ADHD Treatment Beyond Medication

homework ADHDThis question came in response to “Does He Need ADHD Medication?”

Q:  What does the rest of the overall [ADHD] treatment plan consist of?  What would a non-drug treatment plan consist of?
A:  An overall treatment plan for ADHD includes support structures at home and school and behavior modification strategies implemented consistently and persistently. Read more ›

medication Does He Need ADHD Medication?

medicationMy son was recently diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He’s seven-years-old and often has trouble focusing in class. It seems like he’s getting in trouble every day, either for being disruptive or for distracting the other kids. At home, he’s constantly interrupting and can’t sit still. We’ve tried some dietary changes, and the school has offered some help in the classroom, Read more ›