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Community Ed Session Non-Medication Intervention Strategies [presentation]

This presentation reviews non-medication intervention strategies for children with ADHD and executive functioning challenges. Learn more about ADHD and executive functioning and the types of behavioral strategies you can employ to improve attention and promote executive functioning.

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Community Ed Session Behavioral Challenges in the Child Age 6 and Under [presentation]

Have you heard about the A-B-Cs of behavior?

Dr. Coloma discusses some of the causes of problem behavior, including neurological and emotional disorders and the link between problem behavior and anger. She also outlines strategies you can implement to foster new behaviors and options for help. Read more ›

Community Ed Session Challenging Behavior: Identification and Response [presentation]

Does your child regularly tantrum?
Do you feel as though your child has more control than you?

This presentation shares some of the reasons for your child’s challenging behavior and strategies to reduce problem behaviors. Read more ›

Community Ed Session Challenging Behavior: Identification and Response [presentation]

Does your child regularly tantrum? Do you feel as if your child has more control than you do?

This CHC Parent Education Session presentation discusses problem behavior—the cause, the purpose, contributing factors, and strategies to reduce it. Read more ›

discipline strategies Practical Discipline Strategies for the Difficult Child

discipline strategiesA child can be difficult in a number of ways and at times can be creative with her behavior. When it is time for discipline, it’s important for a parent to remember that there is always a reason for the behavior, and discipline strategies are much more effective when you can determine the reason. Having a positive relationship with your child is the key to making discipline work.

This article discusses four effective discipline techniques: ignoring, consequences, time-out, and rewards and charts. Read more ›

anger management Redirecting Anger

anger managementAnger is a potent emotion. Left unchecked, it can lead to mistakes in actions and conduct. Because anger is a natural response, it’s imperative that people learn to manage it effectively, according to GreatSchools, a parent education website. One technique for anger management involves redirecting the anger to a safe object to express it without hurting others. Read more ›

child behavior issues Turn Around Bad Behavior in a Week

child behavior issues. . . Nothing drives me crazier than my son’s high-pitched complaints, except Charlotte’s tendency to pinch or smack her brother. Sometimes I wonder if my stress level is higher because I’m a single mom. Still, the married mothers I know say every child has a behavior that’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. But we may be as much to blame as our kids. “If you focus on what a child is doing wrong, he’ll naturally resist, which leads to arguments and worse conduct,” explains Bernard Percy, a parenting consultant in Los Angeles.

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