Is Exercise an Antidote for Behavorial Issues in Students?

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Children with serious behavioral disorders might fare better at school if they get some exercise during the day, a new study suggests. The researchers focused on children and teenagers with conditions that included autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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Study: Students With ADHD Not Helped by Common Test Accommodations


Offering students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder extended testing time or frequent breaks does not appear to help them perform better on a standardized test than other students with ADHD who do not get such accommodations, says a new study

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Disabled Children Face Bullying Throughout School Years

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Bullying is a problem that affects almost all students in some ways, but for disabled children it’s a problem that seems to last throughout their school years. Disabled children, including those with learning disabilities, were about 20 percent more likely

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CHC Holiday Closure and Resources If You Need Help

Stress and Crisis Resources

Winter wishes to you! So we can better serve children, teens and families in 2017, our staff is enjoying some well-deserved downtime with family and friends this holiday season. Therefore, our offices will be closed from December 24, 2016 through

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Kids Are Being Kept Awake by Their Phones Even When They’re Not Using Them


Cell phones, tablets and computers are keeping children and teenagers awake at night—even when they’re not being used, new research has found. The paper, published in JAMA Pediatrics, found that media devices are contributing to reduced sleep quality and quantity,

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