How Reading Aloud to Therapy Dogs Can Help Struggling Kids

child reads book to dog

While many people are familiar with therapeutic pets and how they can help lift up people’s spirits, bringing them into the classroom might sound far-fetched. How can a therapy pet possibly teach children the life lessons of kindness and empathy? Can

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Bullying Affects Academic Confidence


Chronic bullying can take a toll on kids’ grades. That’s the suggestion of researchers said they found that young children who are bullied for years, or teens who face increased bullying in high school, lack confidence in their academic abilities,

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Kids Should Pay More Attention to Mistakes, Study Suggests


Children who believe intelligence can grow pay more attention to and bounce back from their mistakes more effectively than kids who think intelligence is fixed, indicates a new study that measured the young participants’ brain waves. Led by scholars at

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Is Exercise an Antidote for Behavorial Issues in Students?

boy and tree

Children with serious behavioral disorders might fare better at school if they get some exercise during the day, a new study suggests. The researchers focused on children and teenagers with conditions that included autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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Study: Students With ADHD Not Helped by Common Test Accommodations


Offering students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder extended testing time or frequent breaks does not appear to help them perform better on a standardized test than other students with ADHD who do not get such accommodations, says a new study

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